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EcoWay is a project based on BEP20 protocol functioning within a decentralized data register (blockchain). The objective of the Project is increasing the operating scale of EcoWay mine and making its resources in the form of plots available for all the holders of ECY tokens issued by EcoWay by means of a dedicated e-commerce platform.

As part of the continuously developed IT infrastructure, EcoWay platform renders a service of making the space of hard disks available to the benefit of CHIA protocol based on the decentralized data register (blockchain), with the simultaneous distribution of proceeds generated on this ground according to the rules detailed in this WHITEPAPER. In 2021, EcoWay team built a fully operating Chia cryptocurrency mine in the European Union, which includes 170 plotters and 2500 HDD disks dedicated to the storage of plots with the approximate capacity of 10,1 petabit.


Q1 2021

  • Purchase and configuration of EcoWay pilot Infrastructure (170 plotters, 2500 drives, 10.1 pb of space)

Q2 2021

  • The development of software to manage the EcoWay Infrastructure (beta version)
  • Configuration and first EcoWay Infrastructure launch
  • The development and implementation of the Software alpha version.

Q3 2021

  • The development of the graphic layer of the EcoWay Platform for staking in beta version
  • The development and implementation of White Paper
  • The preparation of marketing content
  • The establishment of key business partnerships in the delivery of components, computer equipment, and legal support of the Project
  • The establishment of strategic cooperation with the firm making smart contracts
  • The creation of smart contract in beta version

Q4 2021

  • The implementation of the ECY token private distribution
  • The extension of the EcoWay Infrastructure from the funds obtained within private distribution
  • Infrastructure extension
  • Smart contract in alpha version launch
  • The launch of the EcoWay Platform for staking in beta version for the participants of private distributions
  • First public distribution round preparation
  • The creation of a decentralised CHIA portfolio and all CHIA forks operated by EcoWay

Q1-Q4 2022

  • The launch and run of further public distribution rounds
  • The launch of EcoWay Platform for Token Holders
  • Further public distributions through the available EcoWay partner Platforms
  • The launch of EcoWay Platform in alpha version
  • The buyout of ECY Tokens and first ECY Tokens’ burning from 2021 profits
  • Listing of ECY Tokens on the cryptocurrency stock exchanges
  • Further extension of the Ecoway Infrastructure


Mariusz Popławski


Graduated Security Systems Engineering faculty at the Military University of Technology and National Defence University. A court appointed expert in blockchain technology. He has more than 5 years of experience with the implementation of IT security projects and organisational implementations of blockchain solutions. Has the knowledge and experience in running network penetration, web-type, mobile, blockchain and desktop application testing. Experienced in carrying out social engineering tests. Has knowledge allowing to review static application codes and smart contract audits. Has years of experience working with clients – from public and state institutions, through private enterprises, to foreign private enterprises.

Łukasz Krasiński


Since 2016, NG Project co-founder, involved in designing and building blockchain-based server room. Business Client Contact Specialist. Chief Operating Officer. Co-author of the eco-friendly heating cell design based on the use of server-generated heat. Co-founder of the “EcoWay”.

Patryk Szafrański


Administrator of the blockchain-based computing servers since 2016. Specialising mainly in GPU-based servers in Ethash algorithms, for which he built the best experience by creating and managing the servers with a capacity of approximately 1 TH/s. Co-author of the eco-friendly heating cell design based on the use of server-generated heat. Since 2021, managing and building 10 PiB servers based on SSDs and HDDs in the CHIA Network algorithm.

Stanisław Bontemps


In the project, responsible for investor relations and market-wise communication. Enthusiastic about decentralisation and cryptocurrencies since 2017. Through its own business, has broad horizons, knows people, and the business. He has great skills to manage projects. An entrepreneur with great communication skills and the ability to establish business relations and partnerships.


Total supply

30 000 000 ECY

Initial Market Cap

5 000 000 USD



Initial Token Price

8.2 USD

Circulating supply

22 500 000 ECY

Initial Circulating Supply

609 756 ECY

Token Standard


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